Keep Your Carpet Clean

When you live in Wichita you know it can snw like it does in Tahoe. You may think you are all ready for a heavy winter and nothing will stand in your way of keeping your housecarpet_cleaners_wichita warm and clean. You may have a mud room all set up so the cold wind does not blow in your house when the kids come inout out of the cold. The shoes can all be taken off and kept in the drying racks to make sure they are ready when your little rug rats decide it is time to go back outside. but you may also want to contact a local carpet cleaning service to coat and protect your carpet before the inevitable mud gets mashed into the fibers you love.

So think about the dirt that will show up and be prepared before it makes your house look like a Tahoe cabin rented out by fraternity boys. Make sure you have contacted a good source to keep your house clean before the mess shows up. You can always call Carpet Cleaning Wichita Ks and ask them to set up a monthly maintenance schedule to keep your carpet clean and treated all during the winter months. Don’t wait until it is to late and you have those awful wear marks that lead from room to room and make your home look like a hoarder just moved out and left their tracks.

i guess if you live in a dungeon and don’t care about what it looks like where you live then it wont matter to you. Even if you are comfortable with the dirt and filth you may want to think about cleaning up just incase you get lucky and meet that next girl who will break your fragile heart. You may not even know the real reason she left is your house was to messy and you haven’t even noticed. Sometime you just need a pro who can come in and do home carpet cleaning for you to make sure you your pad does not stink like dog. then maybe you will meet a nice girl and not have to rely on all those dating sites. the ones where you meet the kinda girl that is just into hooking up and is not necessarily the one you would want to take home to your mom.

Towing Pros you can Count On

Riverside Towing ProsHave you ever been stuck in a nasty situation that required almost immediate towing services? We have too which is pretty common considering we shredded the mountain slopes and wound up getting our truck stuck. When we’re not hitting the snow we’re hitting the dirt and just as equally, trying to get some mud running in. We needed to call Riverside Towing Service to help get us out of that flat tire.

So we did call them and we found out we had a lot worse than a flat tire. The rim had cracked all the way to the center. Talk about a major bust. It’s okay though because life always prevails in such of three ways.

What to do when you need a tow service:

  1. Do not panic, I swear to you it’s not the end of the world and I’m sure as soon as you get a flatbed tow truck or one that you require, life will soon after go back to normal.
  2. Don’t hate the tow truck driver for doing his job if he towed your vehicle. Honestly it probably was your fault and you know it and shouldn’t have been negligent in the first place.
  3. After the tow truck driver get’s there, try and be as nice as possible so that you can get a discount. When your vehicle is being towed, try to show as much cleavage or ass as you can to ensure you get the best rate. Take it from an experienced person.

That’s about it.

See? Getting your vehicle towed is only a minor inconvenience. Just remember that when you get into trouble, a tow truck may save your day tremendously. Riverside California Towing does that for you, and basically does it for free :).

The desirability for Riverside towing and their services has never been higher so I would really call them as soon as you sense an issue occurring. For instance, if your vehicle catches on fire, it’s probably a good time to call the tow service.

In another case, if you are hydroplaning, or about to get stuck in the snow, this would be another crucial time to let go of the wheel and call up the Riverside Towing Pros. They will come, they will find you, and you shall prevail.

This is one of those want to be friendly reminders about living in the Inland Empire and needing towing quick and at a price that’s right for you. So many times we often here people feel like they don’t get their dollar’s worth.

We hope that this quick insight to the different towing companies in Riverside will give you the edge that you need when making quick decisions with the right people, places and things. Try to take it step by step and feel your way into the Riverside towing community and work your way up from there to ensure you get the best rates. I’m sure that one of these “lovely” companies will gladly be able to offer you a valuable service at a great rate.

Even More Great Ways to..

Checker cabHey everyone! Wanted to chime in today and let you know of “even more great ways to get around”! Seeing as transportation is an important part of getting to and from where you need to go (whether it’s the airport, or the local parlor, bar or something more,) we understand that riding with the best is not always a choice so much as a matter of fact!

Remember, we need to keep our gear and our riders safe, so when taking the right taxi service (even from El Cajon Taxi), it is imperative that we have solid rides with mystery jives. Nice flow off the tongue right?

It’s really important to look at a few things really in depth.

  1. The rider’s and people being transported: Safety is number one. Safe driver? Safe service? These two questions are massively important.
  2. Quality service: do they bug you? When you’re being taken somewhere, it is extremely important to know that you will be getting there safe, but also without disturbance. Most of the time, it’s a simple “get me from a to b” and that’s why we love to ride with El Cajon cab.
  3. Happy customers equals happy life: I don’t care what you say, if the riders aren’t happy with the service and the ride, then the company will be missing out. Most people think “happy wife happy life” but ha ha, no. Happy rider equals better shredding period.

So who do we choose when we need to get around safely, with style, and without disturbance? Well, it’s simple really: El Cajon Taxi Service. They are your all in one taxi and cab service that also provides transportation everywhere through the Southern California area at the flip of a dial.

Open up your phone and give them a call and they will (almost) magically teleport to you. Fascinating? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely. So we have gone through the trenches and found the companies worth mentioning, and actually, the only one’s that we truly trust and from these past experiences, we are able to bring this exquisite information to your attention! That’s what shredding is all about and the Snow Blog team is here to indefinitely tell you what works and what doesn’t

So when we shred and really can’t be driving ourselves (believe me, that shredding will take it out of you and the last thing we need is our rider’s legs to be asleep before we even get there), these are the guys we know and trust.

Some more reasons to shred!

Spring is here! And today, we want to bring you some more reasons to shred.snow_on_the_mountain






Now that the snow will be quickly melting, at least in warmer parts of the world with spring coming up, there will be less opportunities to go hit the snow. So with that, we really want to make the best of the last of the season.

So we’ve been using our transportation service more than ever getting up to the mountain as quickly as we can. Lately we’ve actually been focusing on big bear mountain because it still at a high enough elevation that the snow is still good over there.

You can actually still get some back country shredding in.

So here’s some more good reasons to shred right here:

  1. Snowboarding, skiing, and most other outdoor snow activities are good for your health in regards to both being vigorous activities and stimulating the mind. Not only do they stimulate the mind, but they also get your blood flowing, and generally make you happier because you’re doing something you enjoy.
  2. Not only that, but you’re building your skills for next year. That’s the one thing about snowboarding for most people is it only happens once a year. So, for the short periods of time that we do have a go at the snow, we should take full advantage of it to keep building our scale and become better next year. What’s one trick you’ve been working on for a while now but just don’t quite have down yet? Now is the perfect time to the lock-in that skill and be able to dance next year.
  3. And finally, the snow is quickly fading, it was spring literally here now. It’s your last chance to get out there and have some fun on the mountain. Appear in Tahoe we still have some really good snow and we’re expecting it to carry-on until the end of March possibly into early maybe by the latest.

This is giving us plenty of time to master our back flips and are corkscrews.

So with that, we hope you’re improving your skills as often as you can and constantly becoming a better snowboarder and scary, while having lots of fun in the process. Here from the Tahoe snow blog team, we hope you guys have fun.

Why We Love Our Jobs

There’s something about the breath of fresh air.  Taking in all of the scenery and the cold yet arid feel of the summit of a snow capped mountain.  It is extremely refreshing and revitalizing.

Only so many places in the world can you go and “escape reality” and that’s what snowboarding does for us.  It gives one that sense of freedom.  It’s about you and your board and where you’re heading next.  The back country is your castle, and your sacred sanctuary.  When you hit a trail of fresh snow, fresh powder; it’s like  man has never set foot there and you are the first one to march into new territory, while at the same time having a great time doing it.

We love our jobs because it is ultimate freedom.  After the fame and the glory, really, at the end of the day we get to shred for a living and do what we want… up on the mountain, away from the smog, and the rush of quick paced mayhem.  It’s liberating.  The financial freedom to do as a professional snowboarder wishes is only part of it.  It is really the satisfaction of conquering the mountain, laying siege to waste as you trample through the snow carving out your name.

All we ask of you is one question: Do you love your job?  If the answer is a quick no, or you have to think about it, then we ask you to seriously consider your profession and get hopefully be able to explore your passion more to be able to fulfill your life purpose and enjoy your time here.  Just wanted to chime in as the season is drawing to an end here in the States.  We hope all you peeps are having a good life, enjoying the moments you can with family and friends.

How do the pros get around?

awesome_transportation_vehiclesWell, the title pretty much says it all… what do the pros use to get around these days to ensure that their gear will be well taken care of and also they will have luxury transportation? You might be surprised but here is the answer: quality taxi & transportation services, along with the occasional limo ride.

So what kind of transportation services are these? Well only the best, that’s one thing you can count on. You’ll want luxury transportation as well as quality airport transportation, and see how a lot of our pro stars live in La Jolla, California (a little known spot in San Diego), this is what they have to say:

“When you need good quality service, you have to go with the best.  It doesn’t make sense to risk your time, your cash, or the livelihood of your gear by paying less for a service that is as important as this.”

And what does that entail?  The most premium transportation services available of course, La Jolla Taxi, otherwise known as Ocean Bay La Jolla Taxi & Transportation.  These guys deliver with high quality vehicles and performance-speaking service that matches the same guidelines.  Because, if it’s cheap, it probably isn’t worth it and why risk such high value items such as your Burton snowboard to a low quality transportation service?  That can really scratch and mess up all this gear that costs so much money.  Even if you are sponsored and get new gear for free, you still want to have your current gear looking nice and fresh and also very well kept.

No matter how small or large the destination may be, it’s even that much more important to keep the gear safe and use this La Jolla taxi Service to ensure that it will be.  You dig?  Even though this might seem like “only a taxi service” it is far from that.  They have high quality luxury vehicles available for all La Jolla and San Diego residents.  If you check out the Navigator we posted above, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

They provide all of our pros with La Jolla airport transportation, taxi & taxi services and much more with all this high tech gear to make sure that you will always make your flight (really cool gadgets and gizmos….you know the drill).

So if you’re in need of a La Jolla cab in the whole SD area code, then you’re in luck because you can ride with the same service the pros use at the same price which is actually very affordable.  Check them out and let them know that the Tahoe Snow Blog Team sent you.  They pretty much know us by name now so give them a shout and check out their awesome taxi services in La Jolla.

Lot’s of snow and time to have fun

This season we still got lot’s of snow throughout California and Tahoe.  There’s been plenty of extra powder to throw around with your board which means a lot of extra fun to have.  We highly recommend grabbing your board and hitting up the following places while the snow is still on the ground! Don’t miss out because, you know what that will mean… do you really want to have to wait until the next season to be hitting the slopes and having fun?  We didn’t think so.

  • Lake Tahoe (Tahoe Mountain)
    Right now there is still plenty of fresh snow in Tahoe with back country trails open 8 of the 12 slopes open for business on the North side of the mountain.  With the snow storm blowing over right now, you can catch some fresh powder and even the cross-course for some double black diamond action.


  • Big Bear Mountain
    Big Bear is still open this late into February (wait, isn’t it March 1st) which is pretty cool considering it’s a smaller mountain.  The slopes are still a lot of fun with fresh snowfall coming throughout the entire weekend.  Basically you can catch the best of both traditional mountain courses as well as the sports course for a day of fun on the mountain.  Most notably, the best spot in Southern California.


  • Mammoth Mountain
    Ahh yes, did we just save the best for last?  Probably.  This huge inactive volcano is one of the best locations in California to grab your board and head out for a week’s worth of shred.  With over 35 slopes, and 20+ separate chairlifts, Mammoth delivers.  When you get some fresh snow, Mammoth is the place you’ll want to be to fully indulge in the sport of skiing and snowboarding.  You can even catch the secret hot springs for some extra fun to your adventure.  It’s more of a local secret though.

So now that you know the spots that are getting the most snow this season, pick up your board and get ready for a fun ride.  We will be constantly updating, giving you the scoop on what’s happening this season here at the Tahoe Snow Blog.

Check back in with us regularly to see what your favorite boarder and skier has been up to and where some of the best spots in the world to shred some snow are.  A lot of them are secret, and may require helicopter drop off, but that just makes it even more fun; that much more adventure.

Grab some snow! Get some fun in your life and hit the mountain because this season will be over before we know it, Spring is literally knocking at our door.

– Snow Blog Team

Welcome to Tahoe Snow Blog

tahoe_snow_powderHere at Tahoe Snow Blog, we take pride in shredding for a living.  Few are fortunate enough to be able to shred the slops and get paid while doing it; but on a side note, it’s still awesome to be able to hit the slopes for some recreational time with family and friends.

The mountain always has so much to offer.  Clean air, fresh pow and lush beautiful skyline and scenery that could make any man cry.  It really is the life and us here at Tahoe Snow Blog couldn’t imagine life any other way.  That’s why we stay as close to the mountain as possible even from local cities.  And Lake Tahoe couldn’t be a better place to be able to take in the beauty of nature while still persevering through life and smashing goals.

Stick around with us here at Tahoe Snow Blog because we’re just getting started and want to show you all that the snow life has to offer.  Welcome to the new blog and we look forward to seeing you down below in the comments, and also at the peak of the mountain under fluff clouds and blue skies, stay shredding.

- Tahoe Snow Blog Team