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tahoe_snow_powderHere at Tahoe Snow Blog, we take pride in shredding for a living.  Few are fortunate enough to be able to shred the slops and get paid while doing it; but on a side note, it’s still awesome to be able to hit the slopes for some recreational time with family and friends.

The mountain always has so much to offer.  Clean air, fresh pow and lush beautiful skyline and scenery that could make any man cry.  It really is the life and us here at Tahoe Snow Blog couldn’t imagine life any other way.  That’s why we stay as close to the mountain as possible even from local cities.  And Lake Tahoe couldn’t be a better place to be able to take in the beauty of nature while still persevering through life and smashing goals.

Stick around with us here at Tahoe Snow Blog because we’re just getting started and want to show you all that the snow life has to offer.  Welcome to the new blog and we look forward to seeing you down below in the comments, and also at the peak of the mountain under fluff clouds and blue skies, stay shredding.

- Tahoe Snow Blog Team

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