Why We Love Our Jobs

There’s something about the breath of fresh air.  Taking in all of the scenery and the cold yet arid feel of the summit of a snow capped mountain.  It is extremely refreshing and revitalizing.

Only so many places in the world can you go and “escape reality” and that’s what snowboarding does for us.  It gives one that sense of freedom.  It’s about you and your board and where you’re heading next.  The back country is your castle, and your sacred sanctuary.  When you hit a trail of fresh snow, fresh powder; it’s like  man has never set foot there and you are the first one to march into new territory, while at the same time having a great time doing it.

We love our jobs because it is ultimate freedom.  After the fame and the glory, really, at the end of the day we get to shred for a living and do what we want… up on the mountain, away from the smog, and the rush of quick paced mayhem.  It’s liberating.  The financial freedom to do as a professional snowboarder wishes is only part of it.  It is really the satisfaction of conquering the mountain, laying siege to waste as you trample through the snow carving out your name.

All we ask of you is one question: Do you love your job?  If the answer is a quick no, or you have to think about it, then we ask you to seriously consider your profession and get hopefully be able to explore your passion more to be able to fulfill your life purpose and enjoy your time here.  Just wanted to chime in as the season is drawing to an end here in the States.  We hope all you peeps are having a good life, enjoying the moments you can with family and friends.

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