Some more reasons to shred!

Spring is here! And today, we want to bring you some more reasons to shred.snow_on_the_mountain






Now that the snow will be quickly melting, at least in warmer parts of the world with spring coming up, there will be less opportunities to go hit the snow. So with that, we really want to make the best of the last of the season.

So we’ve been using our transportation service more than ever getting up to the mountain as quickly as we can. Lately we’ve actually been focusing on big bear mountain because it still at a high enough elevation that the snow is still good over there.

You can actually still get some back country shredding in.

So here’s some more good reasons to shred right here:

  1. Snowboarding, skiing, and most other outdoor snow activities are good for your health in regards to both being vigorous activities and stimulating the mind. Not only do they stimulate the mind, but they also get your blood flowing, and generally make you happier because you’re doing something you enjoy.
  2. Not only that, but you’re building your skills for next year. That’s the one thing about snowboarding for most people is it only happens once a year. So, for the short periods of time that we do have a go at the snow, we should take full advantage of it to keep building our scale and become better next year. What’s one trick you’ve been working on for a while now but just don’t quite have down yet? Now is the perfect time to the lock-in that skill and be able to dance next year.
  3. And finally, the snow is quickly fading, it was spring literally here now. It’s your last chance to get out there and have some fun on the mountain. Appear in Tahoe we still have some really good snow and we’re expecting it to carry-on until the end of March possibly into early maybe by the latest.

This is giving us plenty of time to master our back flips and are corkscrews.

So with that, we hope you’re improving your skills as often as you can and constantly becoming a better snowboarder and scary, while having lots of fun in the process. Here from the Tahoe snow blog team, we hope you guys have fun.

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