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Tahoe Snow Blog is all about where the city life meets the slopes.  When work is done for the day, why not grab the board, or the skis and shred some powder to get some fun in your life.  On the other hand, why not make snowboarding your life?

Many have made snowboarding and skiing their go to sport and even career which is, needless to say, pretty bad ass.  If you have goals and aspirations of becoming a professional snow boarder, skier or even a professionally snowmobile rider, keep your dreams alive and well because many before you have done it and you can too.

Stay hard and steadfast at your goals, start young and continue through the years.  That’s how it’s done. Nobody ever got anywhere without hard work so just remember that when you feel down, or want the easy way out – that’s not realistic.

When you want to shred hit up Mt. Tahoe for some fun adventures of back country, pure powder and glory when it comes to riding the good life.  We’ll show you some secret back country routes we find every year and hope that the mountain reveals as much beauty to you as it has to us for many years.

Stick around with us while we shred and have some good times too.  We’ll provide you with all you need to know on this one of a kind Tahoe Snow Blog.  Until we really get into the next year, please be patient with us.  It’s been a good year for snow but the season is ending.  We look forward to seeing you up on the mountain.

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