Even More Great Ways to..

Checker cabHey everyone! Wanted to chime in today and let you know of “even more great ways to get around”! Seeing as transportation is an important part of getting to and from where you need to go (whether it’s the airport, or the local parlor, bar or something more,) we understand that riding with the best is not always a choice so much as a matter of fact!

Remember, we need to keep our gear and our riders safe, so when taking the right taxi service (even from El Cajon Taxi), it is imperative that we have solid rides with mystery jives. Nice flow off the tongue right?

It’s really important to look at a few things really in depth.

  1. The rider’s and people being transported: Safety is number one. Safe driver? Safe service? These two questions are massively important.
  2. Quality service: do they bug you? When you’re being taken somewhere, it is extremely important to know that you will be getting there safe, but also without disturbance. Most of the time, it’s a simple “get me from a to b” and that’s why we love to ride with El Cajon cab.
  3. Happy customers equals happy life: I don’t care what you say, if the riders aren’t happy with the service and the ride, then the company will be missing out. Most people think “happy wife happy life” but ha ha, no. Happy rider equals better shredding period.

So who do we choose when we need to get around safely, with style, and without disturbance? Well, it’s simple really: El Cajon Taxi Service. They are your all in one taxi and cab service that also provides transportation everywhere through the Southern California area at the flip of a dial.

Open up your phone and give them a call and they will (almost) magically teleport to you. Fascinating? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely. So we have gone through the trenches and found the companies worth mentioning, and actually, the only one’s that we truly trust and from these past experiences, we are able to bring this exquisite information to your attention! That’s what shredding is all about and the Snow Blog team is here to indefinitely tell you what works and what doesn’t

So when we shred and really can’t be driving ourselves (believe me, that shredding will take it out of you and the last thing we need is our rider’s legs to be asleep before we even get there), these are the guys we know and trust.

How do the pros get around?

awesome_transportation_vehiclesWell, the title pretty much says it all… what do the pros use to get around these days to ensure that their gear will be well taken care of and also they will have luxury transportation? You might be surprised but here is the answer: quality taxi & transportation services, along with the occasional limo ride.

So what kind of transportation services are these? Well only the best, that’s one thing you can count on. You’ll want luxury transportation as well as quality airport transportation, and see how a lot of our pro stars live in La Jolla, California (a little known spot in San Diego), this is what they have to say:

“When you need good quality service, you have to go with the best.  It doesn’t make sense to risk your time, your cash, or the livelihood of your gear by paying less for a service that is as important as this.”

And what does that entail?  The most premium transportation services available of course, La Jolla Taxi, otherwise known as Ocean Bay La Jolla Taxi & Transportation.  These guys deliver with high quality vehicles and performance-speaking service that matches the same guidelines.  Because, if it’s cheap, it probably isn’t worth it and why risk such high value items such as your Burton snowboard to a low quality transportation service?  That can really scratch and mess up all this gear that costs so much money.  Even if you are sponsored and get new gear for free, you still want to have your current gear looking nice and fresh and also very well kept.

No matter how small or large the destination may be, it’s even that much more important to keep the gear safe and use this La Jolla taxi Service to ensure that it will be.  You dig?  Even though this might seem like “only a taxi service” it is far from that.  They have high quality luxury vehicles available for all La Jolla and San Diego residents.  If you check out the Navigator we posted above, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

They provide all of our pros with La Jolla airport transportation, taxi & taxi services and much more with all this high tech gear to make sure that you will always make your flight (really cool gadgets and gizmos….you know the drill).

So if you’re in need of a La Jolla cab in the whole SD area code, then you’re in luck because you can ride with the same service the pros use at the same price which is actually very affordable.  Check them out and let them know that the Tahoe Snow Blog Team sent you.  They pretty much know us by name now so give them a shout and check out their awesome taxi services in La Jolla.